Tools for older adults

The tools in this section are particularly useful for older adults in times of physical isolation, so older homenauts. Either if you are yourself an older homenaut or looking to support someone else, we hope you will find what you need in this section.  

Keeping in touch is perhaps the most important thing for older homenauts to do during this time. This can be essential for physical health –for instance, to communicate about changes in existing medical conditions, need to refill medications, etc. However, it’s also essential for mental health –there are loved ones and strangers out there who are willing to listen and who care.  

There are many apps and websites to help out with this. For those who are new to technology you may want to consider devices that are designed with older people in mind, as for instance the GrandPad. For those who already have a smartphone it is possible to make them easier to use with app launchers. The launchers aim to provide a clean, easy way to navigate phones. A few examples can be found on the list ->

Websites and apps will also allow older homenauts to shop online for necessary items of food and other supplies. They can also be a source of inspiration on ways to stay active and healthy.  We have also curated a few offline resources that make use of phone calls, volunteers and/or standard mail.

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