Social contact and communication

We are all shaped by evolution to need social connection – even the introverts among us. Plus, this is a two-birds-one-stone situation: while you help yourself you’re also helping the person you’re talking or texting with.

If you are living by yourself, now is the time to use technology as much as possible to keep in touch with others.  Seeing familiar faces and having a chat can already go a long way in helping us feel better. A good rule of thumb is that the more interaction is involved, the better. So if you feel up to it, select options with video above only voice options, and voice rather than text messages. But also remember that during lockdown you might not always feel like talking, so taking a small step using messages might be easier. If you don’t know who to contact – remember that there are literally millions of homenauts like you sitting at home right now. Use the resources linked on the site to find a homenaut buddy and help each other out.

If you are living in ship-cohabitation and sharing your living space with other homenauts, you can benefit from making early agreements on who will be doing what while you are all at home. It is likely that there will be more conflicts than usual. Don’t panic, this is normal because of the current situation. Breathe, talk about it, formulate a plan together for how you will deal with future conflicts, be gentle with yourself and with each other. Take this chance to enjoy being together, but give room for some private space and alone time. Make use of technology to keep contact with other loved ones that are further away.

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