Positive Social Media Accounts

It can be tremendously helpful to disconnect from the news, about the Coronavirus or other issues, for a while and focus on other aspects of life. There are more than a few social media accounts out there that already excel at producing light hearted, inspirational and/or funny material. In this category you can find some encouragement and inspiration, and hopefully some sources of healthy belly laughs. Remember that we’re in this together, so please send in your suggestions!

Keep in mind that the use of social media comes together with both benefits and risks for our mental health. If you find that your Facebook timeline is giving you anxiety or your Twitter feed is making you angry without it leading anywhere, it is probably time for you to change your settings and ramp-up control of the information that is readily displayed to you. It may even be time to find new avenues to keep in touch with people. Take a look at our social contact section for additional tips on how to keep in touch!

Finally, if you are looking for COVID-19 information keep track of trusted information sources. Take an active role in limiting fake news by not sharing them! 🙂

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