Mental Health

Many things have changed regarding how we go about our daily life. Although every homenaut reacts differently to uncertain times, most of us experience a certain degree of anxiety and stress. If you live by yourself it’s likely that you’ll have feelings of loneliness. If you live with others, you might instead feel like you have no personal time at all. How you respond is influenced by your background, personality and the community around you. However, it is important to know we are not powerless and you are not alone.  

Allow space for your feelings to come out. It may seem counterintuitive but you can’t process your feelings unless you acknowledge and understand them. Maybe you can try writing them out or drawing them. Give yourself time to adjust to the recent changes and ask yourself how you feel. Breathe, make some plans, prepare, recover… human beings are immensely resilient.

It is very important to recognise that by staying at home we are contributing a lot and this is a collective experience. People around the world are going through similar emotions during quarantine or physical distancing. Reach out, connect, take care of yourself and be gentle to others. We hope these links will be able to support and guide you in your journey 🙂

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