Are you staying home for a longer period? Then you’re one of us, and we can help each other out!

Many people throughout history have had to deal with being physically away from others for a long period of time, we’re not the first. A few examples are:

  • Sailors
  • Arctic explorers
  • Astronauts

They have all coped, and continue to cope, with challenges that come with living in physical isolation.

sailor out at sea
Sailors report isolation as the greatest stressor when out at sea

“Wait,” you might say, “those were explorers and adventurers – how are we related?”

Well, we are explorers too! On a quest to explore ourselves and the world from our own ships, our homes. We are homenauts.

Astronauts often describe being helped by a deep sense of unity of humankind as they gaze at Earth

our mission

Like other great explorers, we are in this for both our own and others’ sakes. Physical distancing saves lives. What we need to do is to make the most out of our journeys and maybe help others do it too.

Risks of staying in our ships

Physical isolation itself doesn’t have to be so bad. The real dangers are things that often follow from not having coping mechanisms in place. Some of these negative consequences can be:

  • Social isolation
  • Losing touch with our daily activites
  • Losing our sense of purpose

All these things have been found to have a negative effect on our health if they go on for a long period of time. The good news is that you can do something about them – and not only that, we can help each other to do so!

Arctic expedition members with things to do each day have been noted to do better than those left without tasks for periods

How do we tackle the risks?

On this site, we as fellow homenauts help each other out. We share tools for connecting with those you love and with strangers. We learn together how to adjust our routines from the outdoors to the indoor space. We also share useful resources on where to reach out if you need help, or how to offer your help for those who are struggling the most. We also get inspired by experienced, professional explorers.

about leaving our ships

Leaving home isolation comes with dangers, both for you and others. That’s also a big reason for this site – if we make living at home more enjoyable and meaningful, there’s a better chance we stay home for as long as it’s needed. Always keep in mind the instructions given by relevant authorities and wash your hands.

what will be your story?

Now more than ever it’s clear that all of us, all of humanity, are inevitably connected. And in this era, we cannot look to a few heroes to pull us through. We are all crucial for this mission. Every homenaut counts.

Let’s explore together!

Image from NASA Johnson’s Flickr account