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Staying at home for physical distancing can seem like a huge challenge for staying physically active and healthy. There’s more to it than just hygiene routines to stem the pandemic. People you used to meet and places you went to daily before the pandemic helped to keep your routines going, and you can’t rely on that now. However, everything becomes less daunting if broken into smaller pieces. So here we go:

Unless you have already developed your workout practice on building strength and endurance, firstly focus on building up and maintaining movement.  Research has shown that excessive sitting has a number of negative consequences – if it’s excessive enough, it can have a risk on par with smoking. We suggest you start by building up to a routine of at least 20 minutes to half an hour a day. There are plenty of resources for inspiration and motivation on the list on your right- but for example you can start with a walk around your flat, stretching exercises or some jumping jacks (always showing empathy and consideration for the homenauts living below you if you are in a flat!)

If you feel silly, remember that your “silly” business is very serious for helping your own physical and mental health. Plus, the more homenauts are moving around and being silly at home, the more endorphins are released, the more accepted and natural it becomes, and this leads to a domino effect that helps everyone!

If you are facing a day when even a workout of 20 minutes seems too far fetched, be kind to yourself- it’s ok to have a smaller workout sesh, or break your training session into smaller bits. Then try again, let’s keep on moving. We have your back!

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